Daily routines to enhance beauty.


Daily routines to enhance beauty: Too much change is hard for the body to handle. Change a few things at a time. Reflect on the results. If they seem to make a sufficient difference, in how, you look and feel ,chances are, these new ways, will become a part of your daily life. This is how, true discipline arises. 

1.Select organic, seasonal  foods when possible. 

2. Avoid microwaves as this form of cooking weakens health over time. 

3. Drink  water to stay hydrated.

4. Add homemade yogurt to your diet ,helpful to digestion. 

5. Follow a diet high in whole grain, minerals and fiber rich foods. 

6. Eat foods low in fat and refined sugars. 

7.Follow a diet high in vegetable protein and low in animal protein. Not everyone will want to or feel good with being vegetarian. Make meats more digestible with spices like ginger, garlic, cumin, cayenne and black pepper. 

8.Follow a diet low in salt. Salt creates the sunken effect under the eyes. Low salt is recommended whenever there are  skin problems.

9. Avoid strong stimulants such as soda,coffee and alcohol.

10.Have a graceful work life as it directly influences how we look and feel.

11.Have a massage on a regular basis preferably with herbal oils.

12.Exercise regularly as it helps clears the channels of the body so that all the tissues can be thoroughly cleansed and be well supplied with nutrients.

13.Take a bath or shower once a day. Skin is an organ that needs to be cleaned regularly, to keep fresh and healthy.

14.Sleep is a great healer and strengthener. Along with other positive lifestyle practices, adequate sleep helps to enhance a fresh, clean, beautiful mind and body.


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