Cranberry & Kokum Emollient Lip Butter

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Description: An emollient lip butter made from nutrient rich ingredients such as Cranberry seed oil, Calendula and Kokum butter. The multifaceted herbs infused in the lip butter gently slough away dead cells. It also heals cracked lips by actively replenishing moisture leaving your lips smooth and hydrated. This lip butter restores the natural color of your lips and is excellent for dry chapped lips. 

RecommendedUsage: Use as needed.

Ingredients: CeraAlba(beeswax), Euphorbiacerifera(candelillawax), Theobroma(cocoabutter), garciniaindica(kokumbutter),  PerseaGratissima(Avocadooil),VaccinumMacrocarpon(Cranberryseedoil),RicinusCommunis(Castoroil),TheobromaCacao(CacaoButter),Calendulaofficianalis(Calendula),Tocopherol(VitaminE),HelianthusAnnus(Sunfloweroil),MellisaoOfficianalis(LemonBalm).


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