Hair care


Often, tension in the scalp block circulation ,drying the sebum and literally starving the hair roots. Massage relieves tension,stimulates scalp and improves circulation ,freeing the hair roots of dry sebum. Traditionally, herbal oils are used for, head massage.

Heat is most detrimental to the hair . Too much heat from the sun, dries the hair and heats the head ,weakening the hair roots. Besides external and internal heat,hair can be severely damaged due to other factors such as stress, tension, illness, allergies. worry, over-processing with perms and dyes.


Oil massage:

Regular, deep massage of the scalp with herbal hair oils, is useful against all the factors listed. Massage helps to rejuvenate the hair roots and aids with  healthy hair growth.

Warm the oil, before the massage, as it is more relaxing and penetrates better. Once the oil has been thoroughly massaged into the scalp,brush the hair, with a natural bristle or nylon brush with little rounded ends. Wrap the head with a warm towel. Leave-in, for  twenty minutes or overnight,if possible. When the body rests, the skin is more able, to take in nourishment. 

Warm oil massages are very nourishing to the scalp ,hair roots and the hair itself. It works as an excellent pre-wash conditioner and is the best way to combat dryness from tints ,perms ,electric curlers and  blow drying. 

Herbal hair cleanse:

Traditionally, powdered herbs were used to cleanse the hair, lifting dirt, without disturbing the natural functioning of the scalp. Please avoid shampoos loaded with synthetic ingredients.  The foam they make, has little to do with their cleansing effects. They are simple harsh chemicals that strip the outer protein of the hair and dry the scalp, making use of conditioners necessary. 


A balanced diet, rich in proteins,vitamins and minerals especially iron, sulphur, zinc, B complex and vitamin C as well as essential fatty acids, are essential for healthy hair. 

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