Aromatherapy and Plant Energetics

What is Aromatherapy? 

Plant aromas are known to have a powerful effect on the body, mind and emotions. Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant and plant based oils to heal and beautify the body. 

Plant energetics: 

Holistic science approaches herbs through a science of energetics.  The properties of herbs  based on their special potencies. Understanding the principles of energetics is essential in herbal usage. The properties of herbs are related systematically, to elements, such as their heating or cooling effects. Another, important dependent distinction , is whether herbs are drying or moistening. It is key that we learn and differentiate their functions and appropriate times of usage.

Our Philosophy:

Herbs have value in external usage such as creams, oils, washes and scrubs. Our philosophy is to handcraft cosmetics, that skillfully combine, plant energetics with aromatherapy.  We truly believe that these elegant creations, will nourish your body,mind and senses, in a vital and restorative way.


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