Calendula & Chamomile Lotion bar

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Description:  Enriched with herbs such as Calendula, Chamomile and Helichrysum, the lotion bar is an emollient moisturizer and also improves skin tone and texture. Consistent use will help your skin become smooth and radiant.  Mildly scented with  Chamomile that imparts a slightly sweet and herbaceous aroma which is very calming to the constitution. 

Recommended usage: Use as needed on hand and body. Can be applied as a night time moisturizer for face as well.

Ingredients: CalendulaOfficianalis(Calendula),CeraAlba(Beeswax),GarciniaIndica(kokumbutter),OrbignyaOleifera(Babassubutter),AloeBarbadensis(Aloe),ButyrospermumSparkii(Sheabutter),PunicaGranatum(Pomegranate),PerseaGratissima(Avocadooil),RosaMosqueta(Rosehipseedoil),HelichrysumItalicum(Immortelle),Tocopherol(VitaminE),Rosemaryoleoresin(rosemary),MatricariaRecutitta(Chamomile).

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