Kalonji & Fenugreek Hair Density Serum (2 oz)

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Description: Vriksha Natural's Kalonji & Fenugreek Hair Density serum  is a traditional, proven remedy for  hair re-growth. Onion and Fenugreek seeds are rich in compounds and natural emollients. Together they have  amazing, hair strengthening  and smoothing effects, while, promoting, full bodied hair. This serum is scented with a wonderful refreshing blend of Pine and Lavender.  It brings to mind the crisp, piney-woody, deep-forest aroma, after the rain.

Directions of use: Simply massage some serum into the roots of your scalp, along the hair strands and the ends.  Leave-in overnight and wash your hair in the morning.  Repeat application of serum every night. Please do a patch test on a small area of the wrist, before regular usage,  to test for allergies. For daytime use, just a massage a little of the serum, at the roots of the hair and at the ends, to avoid split ends. 

Recommended Usage: Best suited for dry, damaged and scanty hair.   

Ingredients: CocoNucifera(Coconut), TrigonellaFoenum(Fenugreek), EmblicaOfficianalis(Amla), AloeBarbadensis(Aloe), NigellaSativa(Kalonji), PerseaGratissima(Avocado), RicinusCommunis(Castoroil), LavendulaAngustifolia(Lavender) ,CedrusDeodara(Cedarwood ),PtsugaCannadensis(Hemlock),AzadiratchaIndica(Neem), OleaEuropaea(Oliveleaf), PopulusTremuloides(Aspenbark),RosemaryOfficinalis(Rosemary),Tocopherol(Vitamin E).

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