Pine & Lavender Shampoo Bar (4 oz)

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Description: Vriksha Natural's Pine and Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner Bar gently cleanses your hair and scalp leaving your hair smooth and silky,  This high quality shampoo bar is fortified with vitamins, minerals and silk protein that improve elasticity and give your hair body and strength. The end result is shiny, clean hair. The shampoo bar lasts for about 45 washes approximately depending upon the length of your hair. Environment and travel friendly as it is a solid bar without the need for plastic packaging. Scented with an aromatic essential oil blend, of Pine and Lavender, that is refreshing and mildly relaxing to the senses.

Directions of use: Initially, apply a small amount on wet scalp and hair to test for irritation. For daily use, apply to wet scalp and hair till the ends . Massage gently and rinse thoroughly in warm water.

Recommended Usage: Use as needed.

Ingredients: PerseaGratissima(avocado),OrbygniaOleifera(Babassu),RicinusCommunis(castor),OleaEuropaea(olive),CocosNucifera(coconut),SimmondsiaChinensis(jojoba),CeraAlba(beeswax,SodiumHydroxide(lye),water,panthenol(VitaminB5),Hydrolysedsilkprotein(silk peptide), TsugaCannadensis(Pine),CedrusDeodara(Himalayancedarwood),LavenderAngustifolia(Lavender).

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