About Us

The use of plants, for its therapeutic and aromatic qualities dates back to early humans and gave rise to an aesthetic science and art form, named, Aromatherapy. Rooted in antiquity, this science-art form, is useful today, as it was, centuries in the past. 


 My informal introduction to herbalism, came during my childhood, at home, in Southern India, where I was born. Simple and herbal, beauty products were created for the household, by harvesting herbs such as  turmeric, neem and henna from the fragrant tropical gardens.  These pure and aromatic herbal preparations, hold the secret to flawless skin and beautiful hair and had marvelous benefits on family and friends. 

 Nature, holds the secrets of health so excellent ,that in the knowing, the human body may illuminate as a crystal, reflecting the infinite.  Nurturing ourselves and developing positive routines,  will literally bring out the best in ourselves.

In this belief, Vriksha Naturals was born!  I continue to develop my skills, as a researcher, as a cosmetic chemist and an organic gardener. I trained under trusted sources of education and by Visionaries, in the field  of herbalism, aromatherapy and well beyond.

My descent into the world of making sustainable, bath and body products began in 2010, in my kitchen, for family and friends. Shortly thereafter, I started formulating beauty regimes, tailored to the individual.


Our Vision is to build and grow a sustainable, bath & body product line,  by employing the balancing and beautifying properties of aromatic herbal and floral essences to enhance the condition of the skin, body, hair, mind and indeed the environment.


  We are absolutely committed to effective  products, with no compromise on quality.  Our cosmetics are made from pure and organic ingredients, as opposed to their synthetic counterparts. It is also our focus, to be supportive of natural, organic agriculture, thereby  supporting the livelihood of farmers and herbal wild-crafters around the world. The cosmetics are packaged using eco-friendly materials such as recycled glass, that can be recycled endlessly. 




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